Marble Funeral Monument

Marble to embellish your funeral monuments

A marble funeral monument is a natural stone memorial used to honour a deceased person. Marble, known for its beauty and durability, is often used to create this type of monument. Marble memorials can take different forms and be personalised with carvings, engravings or commemorative plaques.

There are several types of marble memorial

There are several types of marble memorial, ranging from simple headstones to imposing mausoleums. Depending on your needs and aesthetic expectations, we at Marbrerie Bertrand will advise you on the most appropriate choice to pay tribute to your deceased loved ones.

Marble headstones

Tombstones are marble slabs engraved with information about the deceased, such as name, date of birth and date of death. They can be simple or decorated with motifs, sculptures, religious inscriptions, etc.

Marble steles

Steles are vertical marble monuments that stand on the grave. They can be made in different shapes and sizes, with sculpted motifs or commemorative inscriptions.

Marble chapels

Marble funeral chapels are sacred and majestic structures. They are designed to provide a place of contemplation for the families and loved ones of the deceased. The timeless beauty and delicate finishes of marble create a solemn, serene atmosphere inside the chapel. These marble structures often represent a harmonious blend of art, architecture and spirituality, with sculptures, stained glass windows or frescoes.

Marble mausoleums

Marble mausoleums are imposing, prestigious structures built to house important individuals or families. More imposing than chapels, they are real buildings that can host funeral ceremonies or commemorative displays. These marble funeral monuments offer a solemn and lasting appearance. They are often adorned with detailed carvings, columns and other elegant architectural features. Marble mausoleums are lasting testaments to the importance and respect accorded to those who lie in them.

Creating a marble funeral monument

Creating a marble memorial is a complex process involving several stages. Firstly, the marble is selected according to its quality and desired colour. Next, a personalised design is created, taking into account the aesthetic preferences and wishes of the family. Skilled craftsmen then work the marble, carving, engraving and polishing the stone to create the final monument. Finally, the monument is installed on the grave, offering a lasting and solemn tribute to the deceased. Marble, with its timeless beauty and durability, makes the funeral monument a respectful and lasting symbol of remembrance.

It is important to check the local regulations of the cemetery or burial site with regard to dimensions, authorised materials and design requirements before embarking on the creation of a marble memorial. The Marbrerie Bertrand team is here to help you through the whole process.

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