Natural stone kitchen

Materials, Colors, Services

We make kitchen countertops in a variety of materials and colors. We typically recommend granite, quartzite, ceramic as well as a selection of limestones and marbles. 

Natural stones offer a wide range of shades, colors, and patterns. From pure, brilliant whites to warm, earthy tones, blacks, greys or beiges, the possibilities are infinite. There is a stone to suit every taste and style. In order to customize your kitchen, we offer additional services such as wall cladding, floor covering, or even furniture dressing.

Natural Stone for your Kitchen

Natural stone is one of the most durable natural materials and it gives a kitchen a timeless design. It is resistant to scratches, heat and stains. Natural stone countertops are sealed in our workshop, to further protect the stone from future stains and liquids.

Granite and quartzite are the stones that require the least maintenance, as they are extremely hard-wearing materials. They are resistant to acids and stains. Marble & limestone can equally be used for kitchen countertops, as long as they are well maintained and regularly sealed for their protection. And finally, for very easy maintenance, ceramics are an interesting option.

Maintenance services

Our after-sales service is at your disposal for maintenance advice, as well as repolishings and repairs. We also sell coating products. 

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