Onyx staircase

Discover Onyx and its natural splendour

Onyx is a precious and unique stone

Onyx is a natural stone of rare beauty, known for its spectacular shades and elegant patterns. Formed by millions of years of mineral deposits, onyx offers a palette of colours ranging from creamy white to deep black, as well as warm, shimmering hues. Each piece of onyx is unique, creating staircases of unrivalled splendour.

The advantages of onyx staircases for luxurious decoration

The onyx staircase adds a luxurious aesthetic touch

Onyx is famous for its striking patterns and captivating colours. By using onyx for your stairs, you create a visual centrepiece that becomes the focal point of your interior. Each onyx step is a natural work of art, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to your space.

The onyx staircase offers translucency for sublime luminosity

Onyx has a unique characteristic: it is partially translucent. This means that when natural or artificial light passes through the onyx steps, they create a subtle luminosity effect. Your onyx staircases are transformed into veritable light sculptures, creating a magical atmosphere in your space.

Onyx staircases are resistant and durable

Although onyx is a delicate and precious stone, it is also extremely hard-wearing and durable. With the right care, your onyx staircases will retain their natural beauty for decades. What’s more, onyx is resistant to scratches and wear, making it a practical and functional choice for everyday staircases.

Onyx is a versatile stone for personalized designs

Onyx offers great flexibility in terms of design. With its varied colours and patterns, you can create onyx staircases that perfectly match your style and décor. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or a more traditional, sophisticated style, onyx easily adapts to your tastes and preferences.

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