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Why does the choice of stone for a funeral monument need to be carefully considered?

The choice of headstone is crucial both in terms of appearance and cost, but also in terms of the future upkeep of the grave. Each material has advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered before making a final choice.

Granite for a funerary monument

Granite’s strength and resistance make it a popular material for funeral marble. A noble material, it has the advantage of being less expensive and easier to maintain than other rocks.

Because it is naturally durable and resistant to weathering and vegetation, this stone requires little maintenance.

What’s more, because of the diversity of its origins, granite comes in a wide range of colours, from grey to pink, blue and green.

Marble for a funerary monument

Marble is renowned for its beauty, its symbolism of purity and its cultural heritage. It offers an elegant aesthetic thanks to its smooth, polished texture and a variety of colours and patterns.
Its symbolism is strong, representing peace and serenity. Historically, its use in funerary monuments dates back to Antiquity.
Although it is less durable than granite, marble is still resistant and can be sculpted with artistic detail. The choice of marble for a headstone depends on cultural traditions and aesthetic considerations.

Limestone for a funerary monument

Limestone offers a greater range of colours than other materials. Although very authentic, this historic stone is still more expensive than granite, and its fragility can prove compromising: it requires more extensive maintenance.
Pollution, vegetation and dust tend to stain limestone over time.
Generally speaking, limestone headstones are offset by a granite support to strengthen the whole.



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