Maintenance Services

Repairing, renovation, refurbishment, cleaning

We take care of the repairing, renovation, refurbishment or cleaning of any project in natural stone. The rehabilitation of a natural stone requires expertise and specific tools to ensure that it is restored properly. Knowing the difference in the composition of each stone is essential when choosing cleaning products. After the stone’s maintenance, the surface is sealed to prevent water from entering the wall and a finish can be applied.


We re-polish and reseal flooring, walls, kitchen countertops, tables, bathrooms. To remove any surface scratches or stains we use the sanding technique, followed by a smoothening process. For this procedure we use modern technologies such as diamond grinders and buffing machines, for the best looking and longest lasting results.


When it comes to cleaning natural stone, it is important to use professional expertise, in order to avoid causing damage. Each surface type and stone requires a different type of cleaning and products. We clean surfaces with stone-friendly techniques, such as vapour cleaning, to remove dirt, moss, lichen, and other microorganisms. To do so, we use professional products and machines that have first been tested in our atelier. 

Repairing & Replacement

In case of cracks or signs of wear, we can carry out repairs on your stone, its joints or steps splinters. An old piece can also be replaced with a new stone slab to renew its look. We can create additional accessories or details in natural stone to upgrade your project.

Cleaning products

We sell cleaning products so you can look after your natural stone surface. We test all cleaning products in our workshop before they become available for sale. After your stone has been professionally installed or repolished, in order to keep your surface looking new for many years, a basic knowledge on how to maintain it is required.

The natural stones that we offer in our range can be classified into three categories according to their composition: granites, siliceous stones and limestone.
Knowing the difference between these compositions is essential when choosing cleaning products.

 If you are interested to know more about how to maintain your natural stone surface, visit our blog page.

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