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A Century of expertise

Funerary monuments are Marbrerie Bertrand’s oldest service, giving us an experience of over a century. We offer a range of custom-made funeral monuments designed in a contemporary or classical style. 

Our craftsmen, experts in the construction of funerary monuments, are ready to listen to all types of requests in order to offer you a personalised funerary monument.

New Funerary Monuments

We construct new, custom-made funerary monuments, as well as their inscriptions or engravings. We make single, double, and family monuments, with or without a headstone. We also take care of the grave digging process, making of foundations and vaults. Additionally, to take the burden off your plate, we deal with the administrative side of creating a tombstone with local authorities.

Finishes & Accessories for Funeral Monuments

We create accessories in bronze, brass, aluminium, stainless steel or stone to decorate funerary monuments. These accessories include different types of inscriptions, vases, lanterns, photo frames, statues, memorial plaques, crosses, and more.

Cleaning & Maintenance

We offer 1-time cleaning services or contracts for regular cleaning. We clean the stones with professional machines and products, which effectively restore natural stones. We also carry out repairs, such as straightening your monument, repairing its foundations, replacing the stone with a new one, fixing small cracks, or building new elements such as accessories.

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Opening & Reclosing

In case of a funeral, we can dismantle and reassemble funerary monuments, as well as install vaults. The opening & reclosing of a monument takes just a few hours. 


Funerary monuments are typically made in granite, as it is a long-lasting material that is resistant to temperature changes, water and pollution. It is divided into two main families: grain granites and veined granites. Funerary monuments can be constructed in different materials, such as marble, upon request, in order to create a more unique look.

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