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Marbrerie Bertrand - Leader in Luxembourg for Tombstones and Other Funeral Services

From design and choice of stone to fabrication and installation, our team can take care of every burial request. A wide variety of stones are available for any tomb construction. We are also able to handle the administrative side of the process with local authorities. We also offer services such as headstone restoration, opening, closing and maintenance.

We have 120 years' experience since we were founded as a "stone manufacturer" in 1902.

Our craftsmen, experts in the construction of funerary monuments, are ready to listen to all types of requests in order to offer you a personalised funerary monument.

Contemporary Funeral Monuments

We offer a range of custom-made funeral monuments designed in a contemporary style. Many materials are available for the construction of burial (marble funeral monumentsgranite funeral monumentsonyx funeral monumentsquartzite funeral monuments, and more).

Classic Funeral Monuments

We have been creating classic funeral monuments for over a century for those looking for a more traditional look. Our handmade creations are known for their unique and timeless style.

The Bertrand Style

Bertrand-signed tombstones are renowned in Luxembourg for their quality and the expertise we bring to them.

Finishes & Accessories for Funeral Monuments

We offer a wide range of custom finishes and accessories for funeral monuments and tombstones: types of inscription, vases, lanterns, photo frames, etc. to add warm details to these most delicate moments.

Granite Funeral Monument

Granite is one of the most used materials for a burial. It is divided into two main families: grain granites (Impala, Tarn, Labrador, etc.) and veined granites (Himalaya, Multicolor, etc.). Granite can add character and create a more unique looking monument.

Services for Funeral Monuments

Need to be accompanied by a professional to maintain a burial site? Marbrerie Bertrand can take care of the cleaning of a grave, the inscriptions on tombstones, the opening/closing or the restoration of a funeral building.

Connect with us

Do you want to see what is possible in natural stone of already have a project in mind? Contact and visit us to tell us about your ideas.