Granite staircase

Why choose granite cladding for your bespoke staircase ?

Staircases play a crucial role in any home, as they are constantly under pressure from foot traffic. Opting for granite-clad staircases has many advantages. As well as being exceptionally hard-wearing, these top-of-the-range materials are highly resistant to knocks, scratches and discolouration.

Thanks to its anti-slip properties, sturdiness and resistance to heat and frost, granite is an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor staircases. 

Harmoniously integrated into your decor, granite stair treads will create an atmosphere of timeless elegance in your home. 

At Marbrerie Bertrand, we offer you top-quality granite staircases that combine functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our made-to-measure staircases will meet your most exacting expectations, with quality, aesthetics and durability.

Granite has an attractive appearance

Granite has a natural beauty with its varied patterns and colours. There is a wide range of granite shades, from white and light grey to darker colours such as black, brown and roose a granite that perfectly matches the style and decoration of your house or flat.

Granite for a wide range of finishes

Granite staircases can be finished in a variety of ways to create interesting visual effects. Common finishes include polished, which gives a smooth, shiny appearance, and flamed, which creates a rough, non-slip texture. You can also opt for a honed or brushed finish for a more subtle look.

Granite offers adaptability for easy maintenance

Granite staircases can be made to measure to suit your specific needs. You can choose the size, shape and style of the steps to match the space available and your personal preferences.

Granite staircases are easy to maintain. They simply require regular cleaning with mild soap and water to maintain their original appearance. Granite is also less porous than other types of stone, making it less likely to stain or absorb liquids.

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