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Marbrerie Bertrand is the premier supplier for natural stone construction projects. Our expert team specializes in crafting custom designs, such as natural stone kitchens, bathrooms, floor coverings, wall coverings, staircases, and terraces, using only the highest quality and most aesthetic materials.

At Marbrerie Bertrand, the selection of the perfect natural stone for a project is given the utmost importance. Our dedicated team will guide clients through the process, from choosing the best stone, to advising on the design, to planning and executing the installation.

Natural stone kitchens

Enhancing the sophistication of a kitchen with the timeless elegance of natural stone is made possible by our wide range of materials, including marble, limestone, onyx, granite, ceramic and quartzite. Bertrand provides an array of options for creating a unique and stunning kitchen, regardless of style.

Natural stone bathrooms

Selecting the right materials can transform a bathroom into a spa-like retreat with natural stone fixtures. Our team of experts design and install the perfect natural stone bathroom to suit the taste and needs of Bertrand clients and partners.

Interior floors, stairs & walls

Natural stone adds charm and character to an interior. Whether it’s a marble wall or a granite wall, there are many options to decorate a house, apartment, store, or any professional space. We also offer renovation services for old natural stone walls.

Exterior floors, stairs & walls

Experiencing the beauty and durability of natural stone terraces is made possible by our range of materials, including marble, granite, and quartzite, which offer options for creating a terrace that is both resistant to the elements and easy to maintain.


Our projects are as various as the amounts of different stones we work with. Discover the results of our work with Limestones, Marbles, Onyx, Granites, Quartzites and many more…

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