Flooring, Stairs, Walls

For exterior spaces, we offer natural stone coverings for floors, stairs,  and walls, as well as window sills. 

Our large portfolio of projects, extensive list of partners and skilled craftsmen ensure that we will handle your project with expertise and precision.

Most Popular Stones

For exterior spaces, your stone must be resistant to water, temperature changes and wear.

Being of volcanic origin, Granite and Basalt are the most resilient stones available and highly suitable for exteriors. They are resistant to atmospheric agents, pollution, and wear. Given their variations in texture and color palette, they provide plenty of opportunity for creative space design. 

Limestones are particularly well-suited when a uniform and light design is required, for example for a terrasse in Mediterranean style. There are many variations and an extended range of possible finishes and textures. Most limestones are sourced locally from France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and other European countries.

Our role is to accompany and advise you in the stone selection according to the aesthetic, practical and budgetary requirements of each project.


There is a variety of finishes to choose from for exterior surfaces. When it comes to stairs and floors, it is important for the surface to have anti-slip purposes. This can be achieved with rougher finishes, like flamed or bush-hammered. 


Stair designs have a major impact on the aesthetic style, but also on cost, functionality and cleanliness.

For example, you can choose between open or closed riser stairs. A square edge has sharp cuts, making the steps appear taller, while a staircase with an overhang makes the top of the step wider.

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Tile layouts - "Calepinages"

The calpinage is the tile layout and determines the dimensions of each tile, which in turn define the overall aesthetic design. Besides stylistic considerations, the type of lay has also important implications for production and installation costs as well as maintenance.

Most frequent calepinages use square or rectangular dimensions such as 40x60cm or 60x60cm. Another often-used method is the Freelength Lay, in which the width is uniform but the lengths vary (e.g., 40cm free-length).

However, possibilities are virtually limitless and include Straight Lay, Diagonal Lay, Herringbone Pattern, Basketweave Pattern, Versailles Pattern and many more.

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Exteriors Gallery

The possibilities in choice of stones, type of patterns and finishings are endless. Check out some of our projects for both residential and commercial exterior spaces.

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