Furniture cladding

We work on our creations to the smallest details. We offer your customers the possibility to opt for sockets embedded in their worktop and credenza in natural stone. The sockets are thus completely blended into the decor… for an ever more elegant and refined kitchen.

Stone backlighting

By placing LED lights behind translucent stones, such as onyx, quartzites and marbles, we create unique eye-catchers. Not only are the stone’s unique pattern emphasised, the stone also becomes a light source and a statement piece for the room. This technique is used mostly on decorative elements such as bars, wall cladding, or bed boards. 

Continuous veinage

Joints are often needed for technical reasons, yet the continuous veinage technique allows us to reassemble the stone while carefully maintaining the original veinage of the slab, thus creating the visual effect of one, seamless, continuous piece. The veins are continuing from one element or tile to the other. This technique can be combined beautifully with bookmatching.


We carefully position two mirrored slabs in order to create an “open book” effect.

Unique surface finishes

Inspired by Italian design, we have adopted several unique finishes: Bamboo-style, different rock finishes, etc. These finishes can be used on vertical and decorative elements, sometimes along with vertical lighting, to add texture. They are also used on outdoors flooring to provide aesthetic anti-slip properties.

Stone protection

We seal the stone with a protection coating that has strong water-repellent qualities, thus reducing the absorption of liquids while maintaining the natural touch & feel of the stone. The treatment reinforces the stone’s natural durability and it becomes easier to maintain.

Invisible appliances

Combining the techniques of furniture cladding and continuous veins we can hide technical appliances, such as sockets, cables, and switches. 

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