Natural stone staircase

Sophisticated, the natural stone staircase is an elegant choice for an interior

Natural stone is a noble material that has proven itself in terms of durability and aesthetics. A natural stone staircase is quite easy to maintain and is also resistant to footwear rubbing and wear and tear over time. If you choose a marble or granite staircase, you will be guaranteed a material that will last a long time while remaining elegant.

You can also choose a suspended or floating stone staircase. The stones are mounted on the wall and do not rest on a support on the ground. The suspended or floating staircase is designed to give the impression that the steps are floating in the space. The result is decidedly minimalist and modern, and offers an elegant contrast between the weight of the stones and the void that seems to support them.

Why choose a stone staircase over a wooden one?

The main advantage of a stone staircase over a wood staircase is the end result it will create: depending on the color and type of wood you choose, your staircase can quickly go out of style. With stone, you are choosing a timeless design material that remains fashionable throughout the ages.

The stone staircase is also very resistant. It is not likely to be worn down by shoes and its appearance changes very little over the years.
The stone staircase is easy and quick to maintain and clean. It is a noble and aesthetic material that has always proven itself. Choosing a stone staircase is always a good idea, whether for your interior or your exterior.

Which natural stone to use for a staircase?

Cut stones like granite are ideal for outdoor staircases. They are aesthetically pleasing and blend in perfectly with the overall structure of a garden.

On the inside, the design you are looking for will influence your choice. Generally, we recommend granite, marble and white stone, as they are very resistant and therefore naturally adapted to this type of project.

In any case, we are here to advise you!

Why choose Marbrerie Bertrand for your natural stone staircase?

  • We have a large choice of natural stones available
  • We put at your service a team dedicated to your customized project, in the heart of Luxembourg
  • We offer you a personalized service to study, design and manufacture your stone staircase
  • We offer additional services for your entire house: wall and floor coverings, kitchen, terrace, bathroom...
  • Our after-sales service is at your disposal to give you maintenance advice
  • We are a family business recognized in its field, always at the forefront of trends

How does a project go with Marbrerie Bertrand?

  • Choose your material from the samples available in our showroom
  • The Marbrerie Bertrand team comes to take the measurements, then goes on to plan the project
  • The project is put into production in our workshop located in Munsbach
  • Your staircase is then installed at your home or in your business premises (requires free access to the site)

Good to know: the appointments of taking measurements and installation are essential and require your presence.

The Marbrerie Bertrand, a company committed to the environment

  • Our stone slabs are guaranteed 100% natural (no chemical treatment)
  • The electricity that powers our showroom and our workshop comes from photovoltaic panels
  • We recycle our waste water and waste
  • We are identified SDK, a label awarded by the Administration of the Environment, the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Crafts

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