Natural stone wall covering

With natural stone, add character to your walls and your interior

Whether you want a marble wall or a granite wall, there are many options for decorating your home or business premises.

Natural stone is a great looking material for interior and exterior walls. Often imitated, natural stone is impossible to replicate with artificial materials, as it has a unique and often irregular texture. Natural stone walls add warmth to a room. With a natural stone wall, your room is instantly warmer and offers a unique cachet.

Our decorating tip? Mix different stones to create interesting and even more original patterns and reliefs!

The advantages of a natural stone wall

  • Durability : Natural stone walls are very resistant and can last for centuries. They are resistant to weather and climate changes. Your great-grandchildren will still be able to enjoy them!
  • Aesthetics: Natural stone is a naturally aesthetic building material that can add beauty to any room or building.
  • Thermal Insulation: Natural stone walls are good thermal insulators.
  • Fire Resistance: Natural stone is a non-combustible material that resists fire.

Renovation of natural stone walls

We also take care of the renovation of natural stone walls in case they need a second wind. Indeed, the rehabilitation of a natural stone wall requires a certain expertise and specific tools to ensure that it is restored properly.

Our team of professionals performs an initial inspection to identify damaged areas, cracks and areas that need to be replaced. They then clean the surface with stone-friendly techniques to remove dirt, moss and lichen. Damaged or missing stones are then carefully replaced to blend in with the overall wall. Finally, the wall is sealed to prevent water from entering the wall and a finish can be applied.

Why choose Marbrerie Bertrand for your natural stone wall?

  • We have a large choice of natural stones available
  • We put at your service a team dedicated to your customized project, in the heart of Luxembourg
  • We offer a personalized service to study and design your natural stone wall covering
  • We offer additional services for your entire house: flooring, bathroom, kitchen, terrace, stairs...
  • Our after-sales service is at your disposal to give you maintenance advice
  • We are a family business recognized in its field, always at the forefront of trends

How does a project go with Marbrerie Bertrand?

  • Choose your material from the samples available in our showroom
  • The Marbrerie Bertrand team comes to take the measurements, then goes on to plan the project
  • The project is put into production in our workshop located in Munsbach
  • We proceed to the wall covering at your home or in your business premises (requires free access to the site)

Good to know: the appointments of taking measurements and installation are essential and require your presence.

The Marbrerie Bertrand, a company committed to the environment

  • Our stone slabs are guaranteed 100% natural (no chemical treatment)
  • The electricity that powers our showroom and our workshop comes from photovoltaic panels
  • We recycle our waste water and waste
  • We are identified SDK, a label awarded by the Administration of the Environment, the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Crafts

Connect with us

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